Michał Górzyński was born in a small town in Northern Poland. His grandmother, who was a botanist in Warsaw, had a significant influence by exposing him to culture, architecture, and nature from an early age. He obtained his Master of Arts in Product Design, with a specialisation in the architecture of water vessels, at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk. Further, he deepened his knowledge in cinematography at the famous Leon Schiller National Film School in Łódź. This rich academic background had led him to work several years in the luxury yacht industry.

He continued to diversify his disciplines by working with many notable brands and award-winning design firms in California, Amsterdam, and Jakarta. With his solid leadership aptitude and agility in teamwork, these global endeavours granted him extensive knowledge in working with premium brands of fashion, beverages, and consumer goods. His particular interests in music, street art, and technology transpose modern renditions into his projects, giving them sensorial intensity and relevance.

Over the years he has built an extensive repertoire of work as a creative synergist, infusing photography, film, music, typography, illustration, interior, and product design. He uses visual language to construct human experiences, by finding the universal balance through synergy of creative mediums. With this precise and eloquent approach, he has created many noteworthy branding campaigns, experiential installations, and user-centred designs.

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